How Come My Self-Propelled Push Mower Doesn’t Cut Grass At Full Throttle as Well as It Does At Half-Throttle?

Lawn mowing is an easy task only when you are doing it properly. If you are using it for the first time, then you will have many issues wth handling it because it is important for a user to have a little of experience to use at full capacity.


Many users have said that their Lawn Mowers are not able to function properly, despite the mower is at its full capacity and does have any hardware issue. In the functioning of a mower, many aspects are involved.

How Come My Self-Propelled Push Mower Doesn’t Cut Grass At Full Throttle as Well as It Does At Half-Throttle?

Let’s look at some aspects which are slowing down your Lawn Mower,

Dull Blades

Almost 80% of the machine’s blades are made from high-quality metal but with time the blades get worn off, and you can see the drop in performance. You can increase the life of a blade by taking care of it a little.

Wrong Technique

Every mower has a style and settings, which you can use it to make your mowing easier and faster than before. If you are not able to take the mower to its 100%, then you need to read the manual instructions. Remember, every mower comes with five or six settings, which are made for different purposes and grass types. You can refer to this list if you’re planning to buy one. 

Type of Grass

Every grass is different and just because your neighbor grass looks similar to yours does not mean that you can cut your grass one on the simple setting. If you want to your grass type, then you can start by using different settings and also make sure to cut 1/3 of it. You can also check

Dry Grass

Did you know that grass type has an impact on the cutting style, but you should always allow your grass to dry up. Once the lawn is dried, you can clean it smoothly and also have less mess in the rear box.

Always Use Different Direction

If you want to keep the garden clean, then you should always cut it in a different direction. By doing that, you will maintain the grass from tearing up and also keep it firm without compacting it.


There are many aspects but the one I have mentioned are the effective reasons, why the  self-propelled push mower doesn’t cut grass at full throttle as well as it does at half-throttle. If you have any questions then feel free to add a comment.