consider this – ever take a road-trip to a new destination?  you have amazing directions from someone’s uncle’s cousin – staking claim on the simplest, most efficient route – no chance of an unwanted detour.  your water bottle is packed along with a well-prescribed, nutrition bar (which you will later find squashed under a bag of the fastest food ever made).  while in the parking lot of the fastest food ever made joint, your inner voice repeats – “just this once, never again”.  suddenly, panic strikes… on about page 17 of your directions (would’ve been 16 but you used that to wipe the grease off your chin) – you realise, you made a wrong turn! sheer terror.  do you keep driving?  turn back?

in fact, maybe not a wrong turn – just not your original destination.  then – inspiration strikes – maybe this detour was meant to be.  that, my friends, is the beginning of your story.  it’s up to you as to how it continues.

I invite you to look at your house that way – simply – there are no mistakes.  sure – you can hem the curtains too short or leave the iron on too long – and they’ll be plenty of times when the destination changes, but as long as you live in colors you love – your house becomes your home.

by all means – enjoy our fabulous finds!

PS: keep in touch to see how our story continues.