Tips to Redesigning Your Bathroom on a Budget

There’s many bathrooms which have seen better days; they’re inefficient, in desperate need of more than a lick of paint and quite frankly depressing! If this is how you feel about your bathroom it’s time to redesign it and give it a new lease of life. The great news is that you don’t necessarily have to spend a small fortune to get a stunning look. With a little savvy shopping and thinking outside of the box, it’s surprising the difference the change can make to your bathroom.

Wish lists are a good place to start. Of course, we’d all love to have a spacious bathroom filled with the latest innovations and mod-cons, in reality these can work-out very expensive; making a wish list will enable you to include all the things you’d like to have if your budget allowed.

Once established go through the list and separate the things which are cosmetic and those which are needed to make your bathroom work correctly. For example, you may have added a new shower to your list, however, if there’s nothing wrong with your existing one apart from replacing the shower head or hose go for those options to help your money go further.

Take a look at flooring and wall covering. Old tiling can be rejuvenated with a really good clean and the grouting replaced. It may take a little elbow grease but it’s a less expensive option than completely re-tiling. If the grout is discoloured you can always consider using a colour other than white. Coloured grouting will make a huge visual impact on your bathroom.

Flooring may be an expense that you can do without. Old, stained and dirty carpet will do nothing but make your bathroom look and feel outdated. Ripping it up and laying new may be the best solution here. If you find floorboards underneath you could always sand them and give them a coat of protective, splash proof varnish, for a trendy new look. Add bath mats to bring a homely feel.

Broken showers are one thing that will make a large dent in your budget. Before you arrange for a qualified plumber to take a look and be advised by what they say, a budget friendly option is to use The Shower Doctor ‘fault finder’ to see if you can diagnose the problem yourself. This user friendly online diagnostic can potentially save you a lot of money. Once the fault is found spare parts are far cheaper to replace than buying an entirely new shower.

If you’re looking to gain more space in your bathroom consider taking out the bath and installing a shower. The initial outlay may be quite high but you’ll save money on your water bills in the long run and have a fuel efficient bathroom.

There’s plenty of ways you can redesign your bathroom to be more efficient and stylish. Make your wish list and gradually work your way through it as time and money allows. The end results will be worth the wait.